COVID Response

Vaccine Registration and Schedule:

The following resources explain who is currently eligible for the vaccine and how to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine, as well as answers to questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Schedule an Appointment

About the Vaccine

COVID-19 General Information and Updates:

There is SO MUCH information available to each of us, and trusted sources can be hard to find. Below is a vetted list of resources that contain information about the COVID-19 virus, to keep everyone informed with the latest information concerning the pandemic.

CDC General Information

Scams (FTC)

COVID-19 Fact Check

Vermont Specific Health Information:

Vermont COVID-19 Status

Vermont Legal Aid

Travel Links and Information:

Travel guidelines and procedures change regularly as risk factors change in various geographies. Below are a list of resources that contain current travel and quarantine guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Travel Information

Travel to Vermont

Financial Resources for the Individual:

The following links and resources contain information about filing taxes, social security, and how to receive stimulus payments.

• [Stimulus Payment Resources](

• [Taxes]( or [here](

• [Social Security](

• The health insurance exchange has both been in an open enrollment period since the beginning of the pandemic and has loosened eligibility requirements found [here](

•Federal law has expanded your rights for paid sick leave. Both can be accessed in this [link](

• Vermont’s Unemployment Insurance system expanded eligibility to anyone who needed to leave their job for a COVID related reason. The system is under tremendous stress and isn’t performing as well as Vermonters deserve. If you experience any challenges receiving benefits, please be in touch with your legislator or Legal Aid to ask for help. You can learn more about UI or apply [here](

Small Business Information:


BDCC (Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation)

Homeowner and Renters Information:

These links provide information on the CARE act, foreclosure prevention, and various loans provided to protect you from losing your home in an unprecedented time.

Homeowner Resources:




Fannie Mae Loans

Freddie Mac Loans


Foreclosure Prevention

Renters Resources:

VT Law

Vermont Tenants

Mental Health Resources:

The following resources provide information related to self-care and ways to seek help if needed.

• Call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline or use their [website](

• HCRS (crisis line): 1-800-622-4235

• Vermont Suicide Prevention Center [website](

• Text "VT" to 741741 from anywhere in the USA, anytime, about any type of crisis or visit this [link](

Brattleboro can provide children, and adults with Mental Health and substance abuse treatment. Find out more on [Brattleboro Retreat]( or visit [VT Mental Health]( for a list of numbers to call in times of crisis.

Internet Resources and Services:

The following link provides information on internet and telecommunication services and answer questions you may have.

Family Resources and Food Access

Below are resources for you and your family to stay up to date and informed.

Children, Student and Family Resources

Meal Access

Windham Regional

Safety concerns/complaints: The following forms are designed to protect employees health and safety in the event working conditions become unsafe. If needed, please file a complaint

• [Safety Complaint Form](

• [Retaliation Complaint Form](


Below are some places you can learn about donating in both Windham County and all over Vermont that can support our community in this critical time.

Vermont Foodbank Communications director Nicole Whalen says cash donations are more helpful than food or other items at this time.

• Donate PPE: Donations of N95 masks, medical and industrial grade or surgical masks can be brought to your nearest State Police Barracks. You can find the location nearest to you [here](

•.Visit the American Red Cross to learn how to safely donate blood on their [website](

• Vermont Farm Fund Donations will support availability of Emergency Loan funds for Vermont food producers who are suffering COVID-19-related losses.

Windham Country Resources:


Below are some important resources that can help you and your family receive information and support to keep you safe and informed.

Vermont 2-1-1: The Vermont 2-1-1 database contains detailed descriptions of programs and services available to Vermonters that are provided by local community groups, social service and health-related agencies, government organizations, and others.

• Southeastern VT Community Action––for fuel, utility, housing, and assistance with applications for benefits, and coordinating strategies and services with state agencies and other community partners to meet critical household needs.

• Brattleboro: 15 Grove Street – phone 802-254-2795

• Women’s Freedom Center - The WFC is continuing to provide support and services, if you are a survivor needing assistance, call our 24hr hotline:

• 802-254-6954 (Windham County)

• Senior Solutions’ HelpLine and email are open and working. Only our doors are closed. Everyone at Senior Solutions is dedicated to providing help to Vermonters over 60.

• HelpLine: 802-885-2669 or Email:

Mutual Aid and Community Support:


Below is a Resource for finding childcare:

• If you are an essential worker in need of childcare, contact Kristy Rose, Child Care Resource & Referral at the Winston Prouty Center in Brattleboro at 257-7852 x317

LGBTQ+ Resources:

The organizations below can help LGBTQ+ folks with access to Mental Health, and addiction treatment, along with organizing resources.

LGBTQ+ Adult Inpatient Program- Brattleboro Retreat

Out In the Open

Food Access:

Below are some places to try to help with food access for you and your family.

• Everyone Eats: Vermont Everyone Eats provides nutritious meals to Vermonters in need of food assistance, as well as a stabilizing source of income for Vermont restaurants, farmers, and food producers. Visit their [website](

• Farmers to Families Meals: Registration Open for Food Distribution [here](

•WIC: WIC gives you access to healthy foods, nutrition education and counseling, and breastfeeding support. If you’re pregnant, a caregiver, or a parent with a child under five, WIC is right for you! To find out more and apply visit their [website]( or text ‘ VTWIC’ to 855-11

• 3SquaresVT: To get help applying visit their [website] (, call 855-855-6181 or text VFBSNAP to 85511. You can also visit [](

• Meal Programs for Older Vermonters:

For more information about meals for older adults, please call the Helpline at 1-800-642-5119.

• The Vermont Foodbank: To find a location near you, call 1-800-585-2265 or visit their [website](

• Meals on Wheels- Brattleboro- 257-1236

Gardening Resources:

Gardening can be an essential part of your everyday meals and food security. Below are some resources.

• Search google for “your garden topic” then add in the word “extension” to your search, and look for publications from UVM, in addition to other land-grant Universities with similar northern climates (NH, Maine, Minnesota, etc.). This will give you reliable research-based gardening information.

Our covid response webpage with resources such as videos, fact sheets, info about the Vermont Victory Garden Project and our Vegetable Gardening Resource Map. The goal of the map is to connect people looking for vegetable gardening resources with those willing to share what they have. Learn more on their [website](