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Vermont State Employees' Association (VSEA)


Martha B. Straus

I offer my enthusiastic support for Emilie Kornheiser’s bid for state representative. I’ve lived and worked in the Brattleboro area for my entire adult life. As a clinical psychologist, I care deeply about our community — though recently, like many of us, I have become increasingly skeptical and distressed about politics and politicians. When I shuffled into Emilie’s campaign kickoff gathering, my cynicism came along. But then she began to tell us about her inclusive worldview; she revealed a nuanced and humane understanding of community engagement. Characteristically (as I have since discovered), she also left ample time to hear what was on our minds. Emily listened so carefully and, with warmth, smarts, and respect, addressed a range of challenging and fearful questions. Her energy was inspirational and transformative. As she lifted my sagging spirits, Emilie was impassioned and expansive; I even found myself on the verge of tears when she talked about homelessness in our beloved town. Incredibly, I left that first encounter with a renewed bounce in my step. I continue to be so impressed by her clear, consistent, authentic message, competence, and vision for the future. We need compassionate leadership, perhaps now more than ever. I believe Emilie — and her generous, unjaded heart — will work tirelessly for us all. I’m on my way to vote for her right now, and hope you will, too.

Steve West

I've spent a lot of time studying and observing politics, politicians, law-making, etc, and participating in the electoral process via my former radio program on WKVT. I've met and interviewed many, and have been duly impressed by quite a few. Even more rarely have I encountered someone that's new to electoral politics who is both equipped and prepared to roll right in to the work. Emilie Kornheiser is one of those rare people. A keen intellect with a big heart and a clear sense of priorities, wrapped around a solid sense of servant leadership. I hope you'll learn more about her if you haven't already, and will help put her in the statehouse by voting in Tuesday's primary.

Curtiss Reed, Jr.

Simply stated, Emilie Kornheiser has the focused leadership needed to serve in Montpelier. She models the very idea that every segment of our community has assets upon which to collectively and creatively address challenges. She recognizes the inherent economic opportunities of an increasingly diverse consumer and entrepreneurial base in Southern Vermont. And, more importantly, as Emilie has brought passion, intellectual rigor, and conspicuously courageous leadership to our local challenges she will do so on our collective behalf under the Golden Dome.

Stewart McDermet

I am writing to encourage our neighbors who live in Brattleboro District 1 to vote for Emily Kornheiser for representative in the August 14th primary election. What really impressed me about Emily Kornheiser is when I watched her at the West Brattleboro Bar-b-que this spring talking to people who dropped by. For more than three hours she actively listened. And I mean actively listened. She intently focused on the person speaking and then spoke only to clarify and fully understand the person's concerns. She was not in a hurry to move on. It was a diverse community with diverse concerns and I saw she was concerned with all of it. Others have already elaborated on her demonstrated activities for economic development, health care inequality, social justice, and our environmental responsibilities.

Tim Wessel

I believe in partnerships. Time and time again when I see examples of people improving the lives of others in our community, I see that partnerships have made that happen. Whether it's multiple agencies coming together in Brattleboro to spearhead project C.A.R.E. that provides real help to those suffering from addiction, or the hundreds of individuals who have given money and energy to insuring that our kids can have a skate park, I see partnerships as a driving force for good. I support Emilie Kornheiser for State Representative because I have seen clear evidence that Emilie believes in partnerships too, and that she will be an excellent choice to represent the interests of Brattleboro residents. Her current efforts doing workforce development for Youth Services, which is partnering with Groundworks Collaborative to develop a jobs program, has been impressive to me. Her role as the leader of Brattleboro's Human Services Committee, a group tasked with making very difficult decisions in partnership with Town Meeting Representatives, has been outstanding. Her history is one of identifying problems, brainstorming solutions, then facilitating partnerships that will lead to solid outcomes. Finally, on a more personal note, when I speak to Emilie on a subject about which we may have differing views, I don't feel a stubborn opposition but rather a willingness to listen, an ability to acknowledge my view of the issue, and then a sincere desire to partner with me in reaching an understanding - the first step in forming an alliance in finding a solution. That's the person I want representing our town. Emilie will be a true asset for us in Montpelier, and I hope the voters of District 1 will join me in supporting Emilie Kornheiser and our shared belief in the power of partnerships.

Julie Cunningham

In these more-than-difficult times, it takes real courage and tenacity to be a voice for marginalized people.... I have worked with Emilie Kornheiser for the past two years on several workgroups for social change and justice. Emilie has the ability to bridge people from different viewpoints, to build consensus without losing her passion, and to listen deeply. She will make a great addition to the southern Vermont delegation, and I wholeheartedly endorse her bid for state representative.

Jeffrey M. Lewis

I am impressed by Emilie Kornheiser’s experience and preparation for public service. She has engaged in a wide variety of work settings — local and international, policy- making and service-oriented. In Vermont, she has engaged with both the Snelling Center for Government and Emerge America to be ready to fully participate in Vermont’s policy life. She has thought carefully about the best way to use her multiple talents, and I am pleased that she demonstrates knowledge and sensitivity about the fundamental challenges to Vermont’s economy, social-justice framework, and environmental responsibility. Balancing the demands of all three is crucial to our ability to take care of Vermont and Vermonters in the years ahead. There is hard work to do, and Emilie is prepared to undertake it. I am pleased to support her candidacy for state representative in Brattleboro’s Windham 2-1 district.

Ben Madow

I will be voting for Emilie Kornheiser to represent me in Montpelier. At the heart of Emilie’s platform is the idea that we all do better when we see ourselves as part of a community, instead of in isolation. I believe that Emilie is right. As a business owner, I recognize that my employees’ challenges are my challenges. People who have a sense of stability in their lives are able to make it to work, and perform better when they are there. Access to affordable healthcare and childcare, sick and family paid leave time, and a decent base wage all help create that stability. The more we can do to support these fundamental needs, the more our workforce and economy can thrive. Emilie has the vision, drive and experience that will help transform these values into practical legislation that will benefit all of us, together.

Bill Jahn

After attending the Windham 2-1 Candidate Forum at the West Brattleboro Fire Station, my choice for State Representative is clear. I will be voting for Emilie Kornheiser. Emilie is insightful, articulate, and thoughtful. Her clear and direct communication style will make her a valuable asset in the legislature not only for the district but for all of Southern Vermont. Her ability to ask difficult questions and her commitment to bringing people together make her approachable for all the different constituents that live in District 1.

Leah Nussbaum

I am inspired to write by the candidacy and campaign of Emilie Kornheiser for State Representative of District 1. I have lived in Brattleboro for 20 years and been a nurse at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital for almost 15 years. During that time I have had many conversations with Emilie about the state of the world and our community, and have come to rely on her informed, intelligent, compassionate, clear-eyed, and creative perspective. She is courageous in her truth-telling, but never grandstand-y or gratuitously confrontational. Emilie has a rare gift for bringing people into the conversation without sacrificing her own point of view. She is not afraid of ideas, and her politics have a nuance and generosity that are rare in today's climate. I am excited and proud to support Emilie's campaign and to vote for her early at Town Hall. I cannot wait to see what she does once she is elected!

Robin MacArthur

I am writing to encourage my Brattleboro District 1 neighbors to vote for Emilie Kornheiser for Representative in the August 14th primary election. Over the past two years, I've had the opportunity to work with Emilie on several community organizing projects. I was immediately impressed with her broad and nuanced understanding of the issues facing our community, her compassionate approach, and her creative and courageous solutions to our challenges—from economic development to healthcare to inequality. I admire and appreciate Emilie's ability to bring people together in difficult conversations, her skillful facilitation, and her honest desire to truly hear every side of every story. During these times of divisive politics, Emilie is the new kind of leader we need: empathetic, creative, smart, outspoken, knowledgeable, and courageous. The primary election began on June 29; I hope my neighbors will all support Emilie in this campaign.

Matthew Wright

I want to encourage all my neighbors in West Brattleboro to vote for Emilie Kornheiser as our state representative. This kind of thing is new to me. Myself, I was not particularly involved in politics before the last election, and that was a real wake up. Things suddenly seemed to slide in a dark direction and I was looking around for a way to get involved and do something, anything, to help. I went to a Democratic Party meeting expecting I could sign up to fight the good fight, but I was wrong. It was just business as usual, mixed with some hand wringing. Other groups were much focused on addressing the crisis, but they seemed so scared and negative that I wasn't sure what good, new direction we could find. As I stuck with it I noticed that Emilie Kornheiser was consistently finding a path that combined optimism, commitment to values, and the generosity of spirit to really engage with folks that disagree. She has been showing up, speaking and organizing tirelessly since the last election. She is always reminding us that solutions exist, that we can pursue these solutions without compromising on our values, and that in the end we will only get there by working with folks in our community that we initially are at odds with. One of the gifts of the last few years is that people like Emilie have been willing to step forward and run for office. Emilie is an honest, clear communicator who has knocked on just about every door in our district. She has shown that she is willing to work hard and work with everyone. If we want things to be different in our country in the coming years, we need to make changes right now in who holds office locally and who represents us in Vermont. There have not been a whole lot of bright spots in our political life recently, but right now we have this opportunity. You can vote in the town clerk's office and it takes about three minutes. It is a wonderful, simple way to take a step in the right direction.

Jonathan Morse

I am writing in support of Emilie Kornheiser’s bid to be elected as the state representative from District 1 in Brattleboro. Her people skills, knowledge of and commitment to the Brattleboro community, and personal integrity make her an ideal candidate to represent our district. A particular issue that is important to her is dear to my heart. She is a strong advocate for environmental sustainability and has shown a deep commitment to energy efficiency. I urge all voters in District 1 to consider voting for her.

David Van Deusen

As a District Vice President for the AFL-CIO, as the former Union Rep. for AOT and Vermont Department of Health workers in the Brattleboro area, and as a former Brattleboro resident myself, I am pleased to offer my personal endorsement of Emilie Kornheiser for State Representative. I have known Emilie for 20 years and always recognized her as being on our side. Emilie stands with us working people on the issues we care about. She supports a $15 an hour livable wage, paid family medical leave, and universal healthcare as a human right. She is also a strong advocate for organized labor. All told, I cannot think of a better person in the community to represent the people of Brattleboro. Emilie shares our values and will be a strong advocate for working families. A vote for Emilie is a vote for a better more democratic and more equitable future for Vermont.

Dianne Clouet

I am writing to express my support for Emilie Kornheiser’s candidacy for state representative. I’ve lived in Vermont for 27 years and in Brattleboro for 21 years. I have been a teacher in this town’s public schools for 20 years, and I’ve been teaching for over 30 years. I first met Emilie while she was leading a large contingent of townspeople in her role as the Green Street Promise Community Coordinator. I was drawn to her insightful leadership, and I became involved in the formation of the Promise Community largely as a result. Through Emilie, I learned to look at and to listen to my fellow townspeople more closely. Emilie believes in community, and she actively promotes the connections that develop a strong one. I contribute to and support Emilie’s campaign because I want the politics of Brattleboro and the state to support the communities we live in, and I invite my neighbors to do the same.

John Hatton

I strongly support Emilie Kornheiser’s candidacy and election to the office of state representative. I had the pleasure of serving with Emilie on the Brattleboro Food Co-op’s board of directors and found her to be a clear and thoughtful thinker, very good listener, and team player, able to help build consensus and direction. I appreciate her leadership style, and believe that she’ll be a great representative at the state level.

Jennifer Jacobs

For the past six months I have devoted many, many hours volunteering on the campaign team (with several others) for Emilie Kornheiser. To say that I support her candidacy for Windham 2-1 Representative is an understatement. I did not know Emilie particularly well before offering to help but during this journey I have had the pleasure to learn a lot more about who she is as a person, how she works with others, and how she gets things done. Emilie is an incredibly forthright individual AND she also listens deeply to others. She asks insightful questions that get to the heart of the matter, open up the conversation to new angles, or both. In a very practical sense, Emilie is a facilitator…she assists, guides, and teaches others to find a way forward gracefully and by design, not by force. I have also had a chance to see how Emilie works with people from diverse experiences (her campaign team and members of the public), creates efficient systems to expedite tasks, and inspires those around her. Emilie’s dedication to her campaign goals has been incredible. She set out to personally visit each household in our district. This dedication was not a campaign tactic, rather, a commitment to meet, and listen, to everyone she might represent. Emilie has remained focused on each task related to the election and she has remained steadfast in pursuit of that ultimate goal. Emilie’s ability to work collaboratively, think systemically, and act strategically resulted in a very well-run campaign, and is a solid indication of what she will be like as a Legislator. I share these details so those of you who do not know Emilie can get a glimpse of what she has to offer as a Representative. All of these personal qualities and professional competencies (and so many more!) are going with her to Montpelier. Emilie will be an effective Legislator, bringing a fresh but seasoned approach to working with others on complex issues.

Rebecca Huenink

It's been so exciting to watch this amazing wave of thoughtful and committed people decide to run for office for the first time... Of everyone I'm watching, though, I'm most excited about Emilie Kornheiser. Why am I so excited about the House race in Brattleboro District 1, of all places? Because Vermont desperately needs people in politics who can listen to each other, see the big picture, and work together to get real things done, rather than fiddling with bandaids upon bandaids. Emilie is a very unusual person: she has an absolutely superhuman ability to put herself in another person's shoes and see their perspective without judgement, and her openness and curiosity enable her to bring otherwise incompatible people together for a common purpose. She's also an amazing data geek and problem solver—bureaucratic details don't scare her a bit (she may even love them a little). And she is absolutely dedicated to bringing people into the political process and making government work for the common good. If you live anywhere in Vermont (not just in Brattleboro District 1), it is in your interest to make sure Emilie becomes part of the legislature. And if you don't live in Vermont, you know how often the country looks to us to measure what's possible—if we can work together to come up with creative solutions to intractable problems, those solutions can spread. So everybody: please donate, volunteer, and campaign for Emilie! (I mean, wouldn't it be amazing to make government work?)