Town Meeting Day!

Town Meeting Day and WSESD Annual Meeting

Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 7am – 7pm

American Legion, 32 Linden St.

Today is Town Meeting Day and the legislature has recessed for the week so we can spend time in community. If you’re a Brattleboro voter and haven’t yet voted, you can head down to the American Legion on the corner of Linden and Main St (next to the town offices) to cast your vote for Selectboard, Schoolboard, and Town Meeting Representatives and Moderator. The polls are open from 7-7 and you might even get to see me stopping by with donuts for the poll workers! You can see the ballot language here.

Town meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 19th– all day via zoom. We still need town meeting representatives for District 1, so reach out to Hilary, our town clerk if you’re interested.

And remember: in Vermont you can register to vote right at the polls.

When we return we’ll be in the midst of cross-over, which is the final week to pass bills in the House before they return to the Senate and vice versa. This week is harried and intense, and it is also a great chance to get a realistic view of what we might get done this year. I’m drafting a few highlights to share with you next week but I promise that climate resilience, education finance reform, and an economy that works for working families, will all feature prominently.

More opportunities to participate:

*Weekly office hours, Sundays at 4pm. You can register here— come for an hour or just pop in with a quick question or piece of feedback.

*The next Community Conversation, scheduled for March 16th at 7pm, will focus on our collective sense of safety— we will talk about criminal justice, mental health supports, economic realities— and the role of state government. You can register here.

*The Montpelier Happy Hour had some technical challenges in our podcasting apps but things are fixed and humming back along. Subscribe wherever you find podcasts or catch back episodes on our website. We’ve recently talked with Dr. Anne Sosin, about public health responses to this new phase of the pandemic and what the word endemic even means.

Resources available *There is still significant funding to help pay the bills: mortgages, rent, utilities, internet, and heat. Even if you don’t have back bills yet, please be in touch with SEVCA to learn if you’re eligible. Or reach out to me with any questions.

*Want to find all the Covid resources in one spot? Check it out? What’s missing, what should we add?

Take good care and please be in touch.

In solidarity,


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