Getting ready amidst the long arc of history

The legislative session starts back up in four weeks and there is much to do before we return. There are gatherings almost daily as we speak with coalitions and organizations to build a comprehensive story of what is needed. If there is an issue important to you please connect with a conversation, come to my office hours, or send an email. This project of democracy is only as good as each of our contributions.

I’m just back from an ‘Emerging Leaders’ conference in Atlanta. It was a surreal experience— thick with lobbyists, Republicans in the majority, presentations about power and marketing. And then on the last day, at the last hour, we visited the King Center. I stayed after the group left— to breathe in the history, to realign my soul to what matters— to learn from the Kings’ legacy. Even here, at a center built for one man’s legacy, it was so clear that he didn’t stand alone. We each walk in the footsteps of those before us and in solidarity with those next to us. At King’s childhood home I saw the table he ate dinner at each night and heard about the conversations his family engaged in. At his church I saw pictures of his grandfather and father’s sermon’s before him. And everywhere I felt the legacy of partnership— with his wife, Coretta Scott King and with so many other leaders and allies across the world. We’re not in this alone, and history moves on a long arc— generational time is how we move mountains. I’m thankful for this history, this family, this community that we continue to build together.

Reading List (a sample) as I think about upcoming legislation:

Modernizing the grid:

Regulating housing

Taxes vs Charity:

Keeping my heart warm and curious Supporting families

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