Campaign Kickoff 2022

The legislative session wrapped up last week in a wild flurry of votes and negotiations and final compromises. I’m still unpacking all that we got done and all that is still needed next year.

Legislating is work I love, work that I’m prepared for, work that allows me to be of use. I’m honored to do it alongside some remarkable mentors and staff in the statehouse. But most of all, I’m incredibly grateful for the network of people, outside of the legislature, who’ve supported me along the way—sharing your stories, your time, and your priorities.

In the last four years I have been surprised to find how my skills were needed in the legislature and in my caucus—my ability to ask difficult questions, to weave together disparate ideas, and my persistent commitment to bring in the voices and perspectives of the disenfranchised. I was proud to be named vice chair of Ways and Means in my second term, mentored by an amazing chair who just announced her retirement. Together we passed the largest state level child tax credit and earned income tax credit in the country. We restructured our corporate taxes to hold multinationals responsible for their earnings. And we passed a massive restructuring of our ed finance system to build on the equity promise of Act 60.

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