I run because of what I've seen as a mother

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m running for office because I’m a mother. But not simply because I want to make the world a better place for my son—I think he’ll do that quite well himself....

I run because of what I’ve seen as a mother: the struggles I overcame in the arms of my community, the empathy I feel when I see another mother trying to balance paying the bills with being home at bedtime, the impossibility of any single one of us doing it all, or even doing some of it, given what our economy and our expectations have become.

I run because I want this state to be livable for mothers, for all mothers, and I know some concrete ways to make that happen.

I run because I want folks making our laws to ask, at every turn, in every debate, who will this affect? Who will benefit, and how much?

Something has got to give, and I want my son to witness that change.

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