Tomorrow is here: A brief update for Election Day.

We're really doing it: we're Committing to Community! More than 57,000 people have already voted in Vermont. Our town clerk ran out of stickers. There are free desserts all over town! This is the year. Right?

It's the year because more of us learned to fight. We learned to show up, and speak. More of us felt scared for our futures and our safety, so more of us understood the plight of our neighbors. This is the year of solidarity.

We're going to take these lessons, and we're going to carry them forward. We know how to have conversations. We know where our values lie. We know austerity hurts all of us. We know what it will take to thrive. This next step is going to be beautiful.

We'll be at the polls all day tomorrow, will you send one new voter my way? Will you join me to celebrate our hard work and welcome a new vision for Vermont, and the nation? We're having a party because no one should go through this alone.

Yours in solidarity and celebration, Emilie

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