October and the Final Push!


What a month, what a week!

There are less than two weeks to November’s election, and if the primary made anything clear, it is how hungry our community is for change. In the months since the primary finished, I've been figuring out what it will take to get things done. I've been attending meetings (so many meetings) to learn about the issues facing different constituencies and organizations. I've given speeches and held space with advocacy groups to bring Vermonters together. I've also read tax reports and fiscal projections to better understand some of the constraints that make it so easy for legislators to say no. I've been working with our political parties—both the Democrats and Progressives—to ensure that we'll have people in the Statehouse, from all over Vermont, who will say yes.

This last piece is where I need your help. I'm not representing West Brattleboro in isolation, and your voice is not limited to this little five-mile plot. I'm running unopposed in November's general election. But to get anything done, we need to elect a new governor, flip seats across the state, and bring more of us into this conversation. Will you join me in thinking bigger? In moving beyond patchworks and patch-jobs to real solutions? In building a government that is for us and by us?

What comes after the rallies and the ranting? Join me in stepping up for the November elections: Come meet candidates from up and down the ticket tonight at the Windham County Democrats Campaign Party! I'm the MC and I promise an interesting time!

Get in gear and Knock on Doors tomorrow: In the morning with Rights and Democracy or take it slow and Knock in the afternoon with the Vermont Democratic Party! Get a Lawn Sign for anyone on the Dem/Prog Ticket? Sign up HERE

It all costs money! Donate for a veto proof majority

Yours in solidarity,


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